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Electrostatic powder high voltage module

Electrostatic powder coating is one of the major reforms of coating technology in recent years. It has developed rapidly with the characteristics of no pollution, saving resources and high efficiency, and has become the main way to replace solvent coating. Electrostatic powder coating is a method that USES the powder coating to be charged by induction under the action of high voltage electrostatic, and to make the powder coating adsorb evenly on the surface of the workpiece to be coated under the action of electric field force, and then to achieve the purpose of coating by means of melt leveling and remaining into a film. In order to adapt to the market demand, many domestic manufacturers have launched a single model suitable for manual operation electrostatic powder spraying equipment. This type of single-model equipment is generally composed of electrostatic powder spray gun, powder pump body, high-voltage electrostatic generator circuit and powder supply system. The high-voltage electrostatic generating circuit generates 30-90kv continuously adjustable electrostatic voltage after modulating and rectifying the voltage doubling of mains electricity. The existing high pressure gun module for electrostatic powder spraying is not safe to use, and the existing high pressure gun module for electrostatic powder spraying is not heat dissipation.

Technical realization idea

The purpose of this technology is to provide a high pressure spray gun module for electrostatic powder spraying to solve the above problems

Technology is introduced

". To achieve the above purposes, the technology provides the following technical solutions: Electrostatic powder coating spray gun for a high voltage module, including the base, as described in one end of the base through the cable connected to the power supply interface, described the base at the other end of the cable connected with a needle through stated, as described in the bottom of the base center equipped with ventilation holes, referred to the bottom of the base installation there are a number of heat, referred to the top of the base installation of sleeve, described the isolation sleeve are installed on both sides of the corresponding fastening screws, described internal installation of sleeve has high voltage module boxes, described described with high voltage module of sleeve box filled with filling layer, between high voltage module described corresponds to install a support block box at the bottom of the wall, The top of the support block is equipped with a circuit board, the center of the circuit board is equipped with a ventilation hole, and the side of the ventilation hole is equipped with a temperature sensor.


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